Wine and Wheel Parties

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Interested in a "Wine and Wheel" Ceramics Party?

If you are interested in booking a "Wine and Wheel" party, you begin by deciding upon a date and contacting me to see if that date is available.  Then invite your friends!   (951) 789-8572

Invite your friends!

On the day of your party, you provide your selection of wine.  I will have all the glasses and napkins.  If you would like to bring in snacks I will provide plates and silverware. 

What will your do during the party?

Once your guests get settled, I will do a demonstration of using the wheel and put your guests on their own wheel.  I will be there to help guide and direct your creations.  If you have more than 6 guests, I will have half of your friends roll out clay and make wind chimes.   After an hour your guests will change stations and either work on the wheel or create wind chimes.   This will take 2 hours of art time. 

Wine and Wheel Party

A toast for the party!

Cutting out windchime pieces.

After your friends have created a bowl (or bowls) on the wheel and a wind chime, the items will have to dry in the studio. I will ask each person what color glazes they would like each piece glazed.  Once I have the items dried, I will glaze and fire again. Once done, I will contact your host and everything can be picked up to enjoy.  

What are the cost of the Party?

Each of your guests will be charged $40 for the Party.  This includes all clay, aprons, tools,  firing and glazes.  

Putting texture onto windchimes.