My Ceramic Studio

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Casamariposa Art Studio - Ceramic studio

News coming about the new location of the studio............My old art studio was built in December of 2006. It sat on almost 3 acres of property, full of gardens and fruit trees. The studio was 16' by 24' , not huge, but filled with lots of sunshine from the solid glass wall facing south. The mountain ranges that I could see from my potter's wheel were a huge source of inspiration to me. The studio was so named after the house I lived in. Casa De La Mariposa was the name of my "casa".  It means "house of the butterfly woman".
I use my electric wheel for throwing and the kick wheel for trimming each piece of pottery. I use a variety of clays and glazes to create the pieces. I have been working with Bristlecone (a gritty, pink colored clay), Danish White (pure white and fine), Cassius (a black colored clay) and Terracotta (Red clay). 

Here is the studio. There are hollyhocks at both sides of the front door. They are a brilliant fushia. There is wisteria on the North side. Above the door is a sign that I made. It is make with Red Terra clay and glazed with flowers and butterflies in between the letters.

The classroom....there are 6 electric wheels and three kick wheels.

Here is the East side of my studio. This is where all the glazing is done. I have about 60 different glaze colors. My sink is also on this side of the studio. With a turn of some switches, my sink can water a variety of areas in the gardens. This is the newly added roofed area for the studio.

"Blue Bird" China Paint on a pre-pour mold

Each piece has a lid that continues the designs from the base. Three of the pieces have celledon glaze.

Here is my kick wheel where I trim my pots and do some detail work.

Set of canisters (pre-pour) with thistles painted on alternating sides.

Woven Basket - Bristlecone clay

Pot hangers - the moon and June bugs 8" tall

Evening view of the glaze area

One of my garden beds.

Set of nesting bowls with an oatmeal glaze.

This is a planter I made many years ago. It sits just outside my kitchen window and is in my personal collection.

Three more electric wheels

Here is the new sign that I made out of Red Terra Clay. The letters were drawn in, then carved around to give dimension. Blue Cobalt was painted on each letter for the glaze. The flowers and butterflies around the letters were glazed with a variety of bright colors.

Assorted clays and glazes on baskets and bowls.

Here is another planter that I made a few years ago. It also sits outside my kitchen window. Both planters were done in terra cotta clay.

Lion Planter glazed with creamy caramel