Photos of finished ceramic pieces

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Photo Gallery

This page shows some of my students ceramic pieces and also some of my finished work.  Enjoy!

A mixture of black and white clay glazed with a clear glaze. One of my pieces.

This bowl was thrown on the wheel and then glazes with Honeydew and overlapped with Cornsilk glaze.

Clay rolled out on the slab roller, cookie cutters used to cut out the shapes and then glazed with overlapping two colors! Beautiful!

Mugs by my student Tanie. Mugs glazed with Rainy Day.

Bowl thrown on the wheel then glazed with Red Gold and overlapped with Rainy Day

Planter box by my kitchen window

Lantern with candle inside

Tea pot with bamboo handle sitting on top of my firebox to keep humidity in room.

Window box with Nasturtiums. Sculpture was done by my mother.

Window box with daisy appliques

Sample Photo 11

Sample Photo 12