Photos of my classes - Ceramic classes, Tuesday and Thursday nights

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Lots of new glazes!  I have many Amaco glazes that are a "double dip" glaze.  The ceramic piece is dipped in one glaze and then dipped again into another color.  The new glaze is very organic in color!  This allows my students over 200 glaze combinations.

Classes  are held on Tuesday and/or Thursday evenings from 6:00-8:00. The price for a class is $20. Clay can be purchased for $20. I sell a variety of clay bodies, from black, red, coffee, and white. All firing of pieces and glazes are part of the class price.  Usually each piece takes at least 3 classes to complete a finished product.

Book a "Wine and Wheel" party.  You pick a date, provide the friends and wine.  I will provide the instruction on the wheel and help everyone create a wind chime.  

Some of the pieces that my students have been making, besides working on the wheel, have been French bread pans, woven baskets and clay boxes with lids.  Totally creative students!

For information to join the class call (951) 789-8572 or email me at

My new Lantern!!! Glazed with Nebula glaze. It is awesome!

One of my students is carving onto this tall cylinder. Such talent!

My Thursday night ladies working at the table.

A windchime that was made by a student

Plaque created using glaze crayons and melted glass for the water illusion.

Ring Holder

Some of the finished pieces that came out of the kiln in May.

Slab Roller outside

Michelle throwing pottery on the wheel!

Slumping over a form and a finished project. A beautiful glazed basket!

Slab rolled clay laid onto a form to create a plate. My student is designing the plate to hold glass in the center once fired.

Tiled address sign ready to be hung outside the house. Names, addresses and/or sayings can be made into signs to hang.

A talented 10 year old student from this summer's class made this cute cat!

Iron Red and Floating Blue glazes dipped and overlapped. One of my favorite combinations!

My two new students....I am so proud of them! They have filled the cupboard with beautiful pieces of work!

Always creating.....making flower boxes!

Nancy building unique and beautiful containers for her succulents!

Creating wind chimes!

"Christmas" in the studio

Tanie busy on the wheel!

Making windchimes.